MBP - About Mechanical Breakdown Protection

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-- Company: Enrichment Federal Credit Union


Total Peace of Mind

How many times have you heard stories about cars breaking down right after the warranty expires? With Mechanical Breakdown Protection from Car Solutions, you can rest easy knowing you are covered. Our plans are designed to provide you with "total peace of mind" so that unexpected repairs won't strain your budget.


Avoid Costly Repairs

Most basic warranties (known as bumper to bumper) are only for the first 36 months and 36,000 miles. As the car ages the cost of repairs dramatically increase and once the basic warranty expires, without an extended warranty, the unexpected repair costs could be in the thousands of dollars.

Our plans extend coverage to virtually all mechanical and electrical components of your vehicle. They are available for both new and pre-owned vehicles, and have benefits that extend beyond the cost of repairs.


Purchase MBP from the Credit Union

First, make the decision today to protect your vehicle from future costly mechanical breakdowns before they occur by purchasing this valuable protection from your credit union.

Take your Vehicle to a Licensed Repair Facility

When you vehicle experiences a future mechanical failure, take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

Get your Vehicle Fixed

The repair facility will call us to receive authorization for the covered repairs listed in your contract. From there all of the covered repairs will be paid with a credit card directly to the repair facility.